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West Midlands Intimate Portrait Studio


This journey is about...

Getting out of your comfort zone.
Doing something for yourself.

Being grateful.
Finding your confidence.
Feeling proud of who you are.
Knowing your self-worth.
Making peace with yourself.
Trusting the process.


empowered. confident. powerful.

I believe that everybody should feel this way about themselves.

Hi there! I am Anna, the woman behind the camera.

Boudoir is extremely important to me because it helps with self love. Our studio is located in West Midlands. I've been a photographer since 2009, found boudoir photography in 2020 and since then, I've been empowering women to embrace their bodies and fostering self-love!

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Anna, I trusted You from the first minute and You know I felt really comfortable beacuse you made this photo shoot comfortable.

You are not only a talented photographer but also a beautiful, kind and a warm person. And this combo - talent and personality- makes this experience so unique.

What I experienced, how a felt during this session will always stay in my heart. I will never forget how much confidence You gave me. Thank you!


I had SO much fun during my shoot, and the photos after were just WOW. Thank you for making me feel so beautiful in my own skin. Just as myself, no strings attached, no fancy clothes, just me.

I couldn’t think of how to express my happiness and love for my photos in words!

I originally did the shoot for my fiancé, as a pre-wedding gift. Don’t get my wrong - he loved it!! But I think I loved it more! I showed everyone - the girl beside me on the train home from you, all my friends, my co-workers. It didn’t matter who, I just felt so beautiful it didn’t matter!

Thank you for making me feel so comfortable, for laughing with me when I felt silly in some of the poses (but as you said, trust the process!) and for giving me so much confidence and love for my own body!

You do something really special, and I hope so many more women will take the opportunity to feel as awesome as I do! Thank you so much.



I had the absolute loveliest day and I'm so gratedul! The whole experience made me feel really beautiful and empowered.

It wa SUCH a treat.


this could be you

This is about embracing who you are.

Whether you are starting a new chapter in your life or are in need of some pampering, I promise, you will leave the studio GLOWING!

These sessions are for the soul.

Boudoir is for every woman.

Every single one who desires to feel beautiful.

Every single one who wants to feel seen.

Every single one who wants to celebrate herself.


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