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3 Ways To Practice Self Love

And if I asked you to name all the things you love… how long would it take for you to name yourself?

Self acceptance is an important part of developing healthy relationship with others. What does loving yourself mean? It means recognizing your own self-worth, taking care of yourself, honouring yourself, putting your needs first, trusting yourself, knowing that you are worthy and good enough. It is understanding your own worth.

Self-image is important because how we think about ourselves affects how we feel about ourselves and how we interact with others and the world around us.

A few examples of ways to fall in love yourself


Affirmations can help strengthen self-worth by repeating positive statements about yourself. You will start thinking more positively and this could help you learn new skills, succeed at work, or improve relationships. Some people say them out loud in the mirror, other like to just have a list on their phone or on the paper and read them everyday. Consistency is the key: you need to make it a habit to get the most out of it.

I am strong.

I am worthy of love, respect and compassion.

I love and accept myself.

I am in control of my own happiness.

I am beautiful, inside and out.

I trust myself and my instincts.

I am grateful.

I am safe.

I am open to giving and receiving love.

My emotions are valid.

2. Be kind to yourself.

Self-kindness is an essential component of good mental health. ‌If you have the habit of being self-critical or pessimistic, it can be difficult to imagine what showing yourself kindness even looks like. The way you speak to yourself matter. Overriding the negative inner dialogue and replacing it with a kinder, more compassionate and forgiving voice is one of the most transformative steps we can take for our mental and emotional wellbeing. Learn how to support yourself, treat yourself the same way you would treat your best friend. Take care of you. Show yourself compassion. Accept yourself as you are. Talk to yourself with love. Give yourself an encouraging word when you need it.

3. Stop comparing.

Constant comparison with others tends to lower your self-esteem and make you feel bad about yourself. Focus on you and your path. If someone were to ask you what you’re grateful for in the present moment, would you have an answer ready to go? Start gratitude journal! Think about your abilities and people in your life. Think about all the people you care about. Spend more of your time focusing on the positive and good in your life. Practising gratitude daily helps your mind shift from a negative to a possitive state. Be proud of your progress. Focus on your strength. Focus on the quality of your life.

We’re taught to be self-critical, and to compare ourselves to the impossible standards of beauty we see on social media. I believe that boudoir photoshoot is an incredible experience every woman should have in her lifetime. It’s your chance to be really glamorous for a day. Every woman should be able to feel good about themselves. Having a photo that makes them feel special every time they look at it is worth every penny. Time flies past so quickly so make time for YOU!

Boudoir session gives you powerful memories and can boost your self-confidence. Letting your guard down and embracing yourself and your body will make you feel so powerful and sexy.


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