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Start with their portfolio

All photographers have their own style. Look for a photographer whose work excites you. Check to see if they have experience capturing the sort of image you wish to project. Know what style of photos you want. Do you like bright and airy pictures? Or dark and moody? Studio or location? Your photographer style is the most important thing you should consider.

Do not choose (only) for the price

Having a photography shoot is more of an investment, more about art a little bit less about budget. There is not much point of choosing a photographer who is offering really great low, price deals if their style of photography doesn't really match what you like. A good photographer will rarely be the cheapest.

For a high quality final product, the photographer needs to invest in good cameras, use an assistant or second photographer, and spend a considerable amount of time working your photos on powerful computers. Experience, quality, training, good opinions have their value. Don’t try to save on good photography. Think of it as an investment.

You need to feel comfortable around your photographer

Contact to really connect. Do you feel connected and good about their interaction with you? You want to work with somebody you get along with. Reach out and connect with the photographer you’re looking into! Inquire on their website, shoot them a DM, or simply comment on one of their social media posts. So having a photographer who makes you feel at ease, who chats to you and makes you laugh, encourages you, helps you to pose your body so that you look your best, all of this does help to relax you and it will show in the photos. It’s also important that the photographer is a good listener and takes on board what you want from your portraits.

You want to be able to feel comfortable in their presence, to be able to freely communicate back to them and have the feeling that you are in great and professional hands.

Do the research

Is your photographer a safe choice? Check their social media posts. Check the reviews, backstage pictures. See if their portfolio is made up of stock images or stolen work from other photographers! Yes, it is possible. Go to Google Images and upload an image and see where it pops up.

Ask if they have a dedicated change rooms or safe places to change clothing.

If you are a teenager - bring a parent or trusted guardian to set, ALWAYS. Even in your 20s, bring a friend if you are not sure about your photographer intentions. TRUST YOUR GUT. Vibes in person count for a lot. Listen to that intuition. One big red flag to always be aware of is if they constantly trash everyone around them. Chances are, they’ll inevitably be talking trash about you too. If something feels off - don't do it, leave, find different photographer.

A professional photographer will always have you sign a contract before your session and part of this contract will tell you exactly what you are and aren’t allowed to do with your images.

What to look at doing the research:

Will the guidance be provided? How to pose, how to prepare.

What is the type of people they photograph?

Are they a professional?

Do they show diversity?

Do they coach you in front of the camera?

Is this the way you see yourself in a portrait?

Once you choose me as your photographer you will be engaging a person who:

- Has developed her unique artistic style

- Provides you with contract – protect and appease both parties

- Provides both photography, consultation and guidance

- Uses professional equipment and editing programs

If you have any questions, ideas or would like to enquire about booking with me get in touch.


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