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this could be you

Let's create art that will inspire and empower you for years to come!

West Midlands Intimate Portrait Studio


We are looking for 10 women who want to reconnect with their inner beauty and empower themselves. Women who would value a classy, unique and professional experience with our boudoir photography session.


Our Limited Sessions are a great opportunity to create something beautiful together, to do something new, bold, out of your comfort zone, to see yourself from different perspective, to simply celebrate yourself!

It is one of the biggest deals we offer.

People tend to put off their hopes & dreams, boudoir sessions tend to be at the top of those someday lists...we are making this easy!


Apply today and let's start a new trend of saying YESS!

 L I M I T E D  A V A I L A B I L I T Y


✨ Why Choose Our Self-Love Experience?

🌸 Rediscover Your Inner Beauty: It's not just about the physical, but about embracing the entirety of who you are.

🌺 Healing Through Art: It is a celebration of your journey, a visual representation of your resilience, and a reminder of the strength that resides within.

🌟 Unveil Your Confidence: It is a safe space for you to embrace your sensuality, confidence, and vulnerability. 

💖 Celebrate Every Curve: It's time to fall in love with every part of yourself.

🌈 A Journey of Self-Love: This isn't just a photo session; it's a transformative experience. Rediscover the joy of being you, and let the images captured be a constant reminder of the love and appreciation you deserve.

📸 What's Included in Your Session:

Pre-session consultation

✨Preparation Guide

✨Complimentary hair and makeup

​✨1hr of shoot time​

✨Complete pose guiding during session

✨£200 PRINT CREDIT to any of available Image Collection

✨Day of Self Love and celebrating YOU -  a safe, enjoyable, comfortable and empowering experience of a life time

✨An amazing experience you will be showing off for the rest of your life

Location: Walsall, WS3

Session dates: April - June 2024!

L I M I T E D  A V A I L A B I L I T Y

Fill out this form and we will contact you within 24hrs ( check your spam folder / instagram messages ).
Location: Walsall    
Once you’ve got your date set – we will follow up with more questions to get to know you and plan your session.

This is not a giveaway. This is not a free experience. Limited sessions are extremely discounted sessions as a thank you for letting me share your images.
If you don't get chosen for this shoot, would you still be interested in booking a session?
Be sure to join our private VIP group on Facebook called Your Boudoir Experience in Birmingham
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